Michael Frings presented together with Patrick Cunnigham of BlueMarbleGeographics and talked about „SD Point Cloud Processing for Highway Truck Center Site Analysis“

Recent UAV and software technology improvements have seen the cost of 3D point cloud data generation decrease dramatically. As a consequence, this data is increasingly being used as the raw material for precise measurement and visualization of terrain variability. One of the challenges faced by UAV operators is the processing of raw UAV-collected data into a deliverable product or adequately preparing the data for the necessary analysis. In this presentation, we hear from Michael Frings from MFBI Technologies on his use of Global Mapper and the accompanying LiDAR Module for post-processing data collected over several sites near to German highways for the construction of large truck centers. The average project area is 6-8 ha with some sections relatively flat and others having up to 15 meters in elevation range requiring a heightened level of planning to ensure optimal imagery coverage for photogrammetric processing. Accuracy is of paramount importance, as point cloud data will be combined with real life surveying information. After generating the point cloud, Global Mapper is subsequently used for the LIDAR classification and the generation of precise DTMs allowing the automated identification and delineation of break lines. Collaborating on this presentation will be Patrick Cunningham from Blue Marble Geographics, who will discuss some of the technical challenges inherent in LiDAR and point cloud processing that need to be addressed ensure the accuracy of the results.

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