Upcoming: Optimal Positioning of Advertising Poles in Topographically Challenging Environments

Presentation for Commercial UAV Expo Europe 2019, Amsterdam (8.-10-4.2019)

The proliferation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is rapidly changing the GIS and 3D Analysis landscape and is opening the broad field of remote data collection, processing, and analysis to a wide audience and in a wide variety of industries. Continual improvements in airborne technology and the miniaturization of the requisite sensors has cultivated a nimble new branch of the industry that provides cost-effective data collection services on demand. Geospatial analysis is not a discipline that readily comes to mind when considering the optimal positioning of outdoor advertising.  However, when the fine line between success and failure depends on a few seconds of visual exposure, local line-of-sight analysis plays a key role in the positioning of the advertising structure. In this presentation, we explore the procedure for determining the best sites for advertising poles. The combination of official geo-data and UAV-generated high-resolution terrain models build the foundation of smart data analysis. Blue Marble’s Global Mapper GIS software provides algorithms used by MFBI Technologies to analyze 3D geo-data and supply customers with information, which is used for determining the best position of advertising poles. Running a viewshed analysis from the car driver’s point of view discloses possible pole locations, while running the analysis from selected pole locations allows the assessment of the best possible location and height of the pole. Constructing an outdoor advertising structure entails a considerable financial investment so selecting the right location in a challenging environment is an important decision.

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